Native to the Egyptian and Mediterranean regions Calendula is rich in sulphur and has been traditionally used to ease stomach irritation and ulcers.

Calendula also contains large amounts of flavonoids that act as an antioxidant in the body.  This helps to protect cells from oxidation damage which in turn may assist in supporting the immune system. Calendula can be helpful when used to assist conditions that require an anti-inflammatory, astringent and an antiseptic, and when combined with clivers can be helpful in preventing muscle tightness during exercise.

Animal studies have shown that Calendula has the ability to tighten the uterus and although no miscarriages have been reported Calendula should not be given to pregnant mares.

When used externally Calendula creams and ointments can assist in easing skin infections, inflammation, rashes and insect bites. Calendula contains chemicals that speed up the body’s wound healing abilities, specifically Calendula increases blood flow to the area where it has been applied and promotes the production of collagen proteins to encourage cell growth.

Calendula has anti-bacterial properties and can help to alleviate bacterial infections of the hoof. This can be done by mixing Calendula tincture with borax and applied regularly.

Helen Nicolaou

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