I am really happy to be able to smash a very old myth “Greys get cancer because of their colour Wrong!

To understand why this is incorrect, you have to understand why greys are grey. Grey is not a colour; it’s a gene that blocks colour. You know this: a horse is born a wonderful jet-black and soon those white hairs and spectacles appear. Why is it so?

The ‘grey’ gene basically orders the melanin to stop going into the hair shafts, only the hair shafts, they skin remains dark. Why would it do that? Because horses evolved this removal of colour to cope with a lot of sunlight and heat. Where do the grey horses come from? Andalusians, Berbers, Arabians, Camargue horses. The light colour stops the horse from being overheated.

So what’s that got to do with cancer?

Ah ha! The problem is: where does all the melanin go? It still gets produced by the body, because the colour gene says: “I’m bay/chestnut/black/buckskin” while the ‘grey’ gene says: “clear off, no colour in those hairs!” So the melanin keeps on being produced and it has to go somewhere, unfortunately it builds up in organ tissue and body tissue, becoming a virtual toxin, creating rogue cells and that’s how you get cancers.

“Well, that’s a stupid evolutionary trait!” I hear you all exclaim. Indeed, why would Mother Nature in Her great wisdom evolve a gene to make you cool if it’s going to kill you? If that were so, the grey horses would have disappeared a long time ago.

The answer is: in the places where grey horses naturally roam, so do wild herbs that help break down toxins and that’s why they don’t get cancers.

That’s why I make sure my two grey horses get plenty of Nettles, Dandelion Leaf, all the gut herbs and especially Burdock which I give at the rate of one TBSp a day with breaks every so often. So far, so good.

copyright 2007 Elyane Brightligt

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