Appetiser gets them eating

Dear Carol,

Just a quick note to say “Thanks” so much for sending the “Appetiser” blend for our TB *Nate*.

It looks & smells really great – I think I could even eat it – not that I need it!!! It is working really well & Nate is now eating a lot more enthusiastically than he was. I am not used to seeing the bottom of the feed bin with him so it is pleasant surprise!!!

The herbs that Catherine has prescribed seem to be starting to kick in so here’s hoping that everything works together and soon he looks like a new improved horse!! Now if you could only come up with the reverse blend for fat ponies that won’t stop eating that we could give to our porky pony *Roy* then I would be a truly happy woman!!!

I’ll try to get organsied & send you a digital photo so you can see what Nate looks like when he puts on a bit more weight & looks a bit nicer. Thanks again for all your help & patience – it is truly appreciated!!!
Jo 🙂

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