Barley Grass Leaf Powder Organic 1kg

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Country of origin Australia


Hordeum vulgare

Australian Organic Green Barley Grass Leaf Powder

If you are like most horse owners, you are probably doing everything you can to ensure that your equine partner has the best possible feed, the best available herbal supplements, that they have their regular manicure and dental checks that their rugs keep them cool or dry or warm, that their saddle doesn’t pinch and their bit doesn’t bite…

But are you giving yourself the same care and attention? The people at Country Park Animal Herbs are fully aware that you give your equine partner the best – because we do the same. While we can’t offer you regular manicures or dental checks, we can help you to look after YOUR health by making available one of the worlds best possible food supplements, Green Barley Leaf powder. Human beings have been using barley as a source of nutrition from as early as 2800 BCE when the Babylonians cultivated this ancient cereal crop for its grain.

The young leaf of the Green Barley Grass is mechanically harvested directly into transportation bins when the plant is at optimum growth. This freshly harvested product is then immediately transported for processing. It is placed into electronically controlled low heat drying drums to achieve uniform drying. It is dried at a temp between 40 & 45 degree Celsius for 20-24 hours. The dry, coarse-milled product is then placed directly into sealed plastic bags inside sealed “Opti Paks”, for temporary storage before fine milling. A sample is also taken for examination and inspection for quality control purposes. The coarse milled product is transferred from the “Opti Paks” via a custom vacuum system to a mixing silo where it is mixed to achieve uniform color. After blending, the coarse product is steam pasteurized to reduce any excessive microbial load. It is then transferred via auger system to the Fine Milling facility where it is milled to a sub 80 micron fine powder then vacuum packed under controlled conditions. Samples are taken from each carton of finished product and a combined sample is sent to an independent laboratory for analysis to ensure the finished product meets the strict product specifications of the Company.

So what is it about Green Barley that has us so excited? The fact that it’s loaded with nutrients that are so beneficial for the body is why. Because we all have different diet and exercise requirements it is extremely difficult to determine the appropriate quantity of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants each person needs to achieve and maintain good health. You may be taking vitamin and mineral supplements, but can you be certain that your body is able to use these nutrients and that you are absorbing the right quantity, even if you are following the recommended dose? The human body is designed to consume nutrients by ingesting them as food either by eating nutrient-rich produce or nutrient-rich food extracts. In this way the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids combine to support efficient absorption via the digestive tract.

Research Findings… Raw vegetables, especially green vegetables contain abundant minerals, enzymes and vitamins that will revitalize the body’s cellular structure. As one of the foods that contain an abundant amount of nutrients, Green Barley Leaf powder is classified as a high-grade food/drug that will rejuvenate the skin by improving the function of internal organs. A lot of research has been done on the benefits of green barley and this research shows the following:

Skin rejuvenation – According to Chinese medicine, substances are classified into high, medium and low-grade drugs. The low-grade drugs work as toxicants, the medium-grade drugs work as either toxicants or curing agents while the high-grade drugs are natural foods that bring the functions of the internal organs back to a normal state.

Helps Overweight – The best method of weight control is to promote the action of enzymes. Enzymes activate the body’s natural fat burning process by stimulating the lipid metabolism. When taken three times a day as part of a sensible diet and exercise program Green Barley will neutralise the acidity of body fluids, invigorate the function of the thyroid gland, the gland that controls the body’s metabolic rate, and improve the body’s digestive ability.

Effective Against Constipation – It is said that good eating, good sleeping and good evacuation are the three barometers of health. If unbalanced, disease may occur. Habitual constipation, which is frequently found in people over the age of forty, is due mainly to reduced mobility in the large intestine and the reduced muscular power of the body as a whole. Green Barley dissolves in water making it easy to assimilate and its many active ingredients promote the mobility of the intestinal tract and the associated muscles required for evacuation.

Lower Cholesterol Levels – Case studies have shown that Green Barley is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels as well as suppressing cholesterol absorption. One of the substances found in Green Barley, beta sitosterol, is currently being used in Japan to treat patients with high cholesterol levels.

Cancer – Cancer occurs when normal cells mutate. External carcinogenic substances such as radiation and chemicals can cause this mutation while toxins found in charbroiled meat and fish, benzpyrene and fukinotoxin, are examples of ingested carcinogens. Through exhaustive tests in both Japan and the US, it has been found that Green Barley Leaf powder contains enzymes known as peroxidase that suppresses the carcinogenic effects of introduced substances and helps to prevent normal cells from becoming cancerous.

Diabetes – Diabetes is a complex disease because once it has developed it is difficult to completely cure. Contributing factors include obesity, bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Diabetes occurs when the supply of insulin, a type of hormone secreted by the pancreas, is deficient. Research has shown that not only does Green Barley Leaf powder function in much the same way as insulin and balances sugar levels, but that it helps to heal the blood vessel damage caused by diabetes.

Other Ailments – Green Barley has also been found to assist in relieving asthma, dermatitis, liver disease, blood acidification and allergies, while the high level of chlorophyll is a natural body deodorant. So with all this going for it, is it any wonder that we are excited about adding Green Barley Leaf powder to our range of natural health care products – the difference is that it is for YOU, the one who is looking after everyone else.

All you need to do to get the benefits from Green Barley Leaf powder is to add a teaspoon to a glass of fruit juice or mineral water and enjoy three times a day…Cheers! Oh and by the way, Green Barley is great for your horse too. Just as all those vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and chlorophyll are beneficial for us, Green Barley also helps balance your horses metabolism, liver and digestive system.


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