Australian owned and trusted, Country Park has been in operation for over 20 years. Our business is built on sourcing and supplying only the finest premium herbs and supplements.

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Collection orders NSW
Orders for collection will be left on the shop veranda.  Access to inside the shop is no longer permitted.  Thank you for your understanding. Please call 02 62381135 or email  if you wish to order and we will have it ready for you to collect.
Out of Stock
Due to circumstances beyond our control  there are some herbs which are occasionally out of stock. To view out of stock lines and their due dates:-

Increased pricing across our range
Prices have had to increase due to global demand and labour shortages.   Energy supplies in Europe are also unstable resulting in higher energy, manufacturing and shipping costs.  We are well aware it is a tough economy at present but we cannot continue to absorb higher pricing on nearly all the products we stock.  We will continue to offer monthly specials posted on our site 1st day of every month.
Psyllium price increase
India received massive monsoonal rainfall from mid 2023, triggering severe flooding and weather-related incidents. As a result, over half the crop of psyllium planted has been destroyed. Psyllium requires very dry conditions at the time of planting and only one region of India has this ideal planting location. The foreseeable outlook is for reduced harvests and labour shortages. This combination of factors has led to increased pricing due to limited supplies and is not expected to ease. We will continue to monitor and provide updates as they become available.
Why is slippery elm so expensive?
Global demand continues to be relentless over the past 24 months for elm, which has significantly impacted market pricing. Also, reduced collector numbers across the 2020 and small 2021 harvest period had contributed to limited harvest yields resulting in never seen before market pricing of the past 12-18 months.
There is no short to medium term price relief due to high demand and reduced harvest yields; we expect the current pricing to remain and may even go higher from 2022 harvest.
Thank you for your ongoing support in choosing Country Park as a supplier of premium quality herbs and supplements for your precious animals.  It is appreciated and never taken for granted.
Kind regards from Carol, Robert and Ruth


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