Summer time in Australia brings increases in temperature that add stresses from the environment for our horses. We can build up each horse’s defence mechanisms from within using herbs that help most horses cope with the Summer heat.

Photosensitisation and sunburn, insect bites, itch, cracked hooves are just some of the issues your horse may be affected by as a result of too much sun and heat.

When the ‘heat within’ is not balanced your horses will seek out cool areas and may be thirsty, aggressive, restless and intolerant to work. Introducing cooling herbs and considering the energetic aspect of these herbs will help bring coolness to the body, and in doing so, assist each horse in being more comfortable throughout the hotter months.

Blending herbs for Summer which contains the cooling herbs: Calendula, Clivers, Rosehips, Marshmallow root, and Dandelion leaf can be a way to cover off on most Summer discomforts.

These herbs come together nutritionally to support the whole body and this will reflect in the body with a shinier coat, healthier skin and stronger hooves.

Adding a scoop of these blended herbs for these hot months will assist most horses cope through Summer, strengthening each horse from within, by cleaning the skin so that it can ‘breathe’ and making the immune system stronger. A herbal approach willhelp to buffer your horse from the onslaught of the coming hot weather.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant to replace veterinary advice or treatment.

Copyright: Catherine Bird, who is also the author of a Healthy Horse the Natural Way, has been an equine natural therapist for 27years working closely with Country Park Animal Herbs for over 13 years offering advice to their clients.

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