Country Park’s four seasonal blends, as well as Attitude and Retirement have been formulated by qualified herbalist Catherine Bird, concentrating on the changes and different ailments that seasonal changes can bring. The Retirement Blend is a 1.5kg package with the other six blends available in 1.250kg packages. All these Blends are designed to feed an average sized horse for one month. Each Blend contains premium quality herbs with all the benefits of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. The complete range of Country Park blends contain no fillers, additives or preservatives. 

Winter Blend#
Our Winter Blend has been formulated to help ease any stiffness your horse may develop during the colder months. The herbs selected for this blend are designed to warm the body from the inside by feeding the cells to stimulate an increase in blood flow, oxygen uptake and encourage appropriate immune responses.
The herbs included in this blend are:
Clivers rich in calcium, copper iodine and sodium
Nettles providing iron and Vitamin C
Raspberry Leaf high in flavonoids
Dandelion Leaf replaces lost potassium
Yarrow delivers calcium, phosphorus and copper
Gingko an antioxidant
Red Capsicum to aid absorption and the effectiveness of this blend

Autumn Blend#
Formulated to help prepare your horse for the colder months of winter. The antioxidant properties of these herbs target all body systems to aid the immune system.
The herbs included in this blend are:
Echinacea Leaf increases the body’s resistance to infection
Licorice Root a general tonic
Peppermint Leaf assists to regulate the body’s temperature
Rosehips high in Vitamin C to assist with fighting mild infections
Parsley rich in Vitamin C and iron to help eliminate waste from the body
St. Mary’s Thistle contains silymarin to support the liver.

Summer Blend#
This blend of herbs has been designed to maintain internal balance and general wellbeing through the summer months. Specific for the digestive system, assisting the respiratory system and developing and maintaining a healthy skin.
The herbs included in this blend are:
Marshmallow Root a herb that soothes and improves the function of the digestive system
Rosehips high in Vitamin C and flavonoids
Dandelion Leaf an effective and gentle digestive tonic high in potassium
Clivers supports the body via the lymphatic system
Calendula Flowers high in pro-Vitamin A to aid in healing body tissue and inflammation

Spring Blend#
Developed to assist your horse to adjust to Spring conditions. Being high in flavonoids, this blend supports and tones the digestive, circulatory and metabolic systems.
The herbs included in this blend are:
Fennel Seeds a carminative herb that aids the digestive system
Rosehips high in Vitamin C and flavonoids
Celery Seeds a tonic to assist the kidneys with eliminating excess body wastes
Hawthorn Berries exerts a tonic action on the circulatory system
Clivers a nutritive herb to support the body’s lymphatic systems
Vervain a relaxing tonic to assist the nervous, respiratory and hepatic systems
Capsicum high in flavonoids to assist general functioning throughout the body
#Note – Owners should be aware that (1) some herbs in these blends contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by equine sport regulators and (2) some herbs in these blends may be unsuitable for pregnant mares and we recommend that you consult with a qualified herbal practitioner or your veterinarian before using.

Attitude Blend
Designed to complement sound training practices, this blend will assist your horse due to its calmative and nervine actions by acting on the nervous and endocrine systems.
The herbs included in this blend are:
Vervain high in glycosides to restore the nervous system
Raspberry Leaf the astringent tannins tone the visceral organs
Chamomile a traditional carminative herb
Chastetree Berries has an indirect effect on various neurotransmitters and hormones
Lime Flowers useful during times of high tension and anxiety
Lemon Verbena to relax and calm the nervous and digestive systems
NOTE: Before feeding this herbal blend to pregnant mares, consultation should be sought with a qualified Herbalist as some herbs may be unsuitable. NOTE: An active constituent(s) in this product is banned by specific equine discipline regulators.

Retirement Blend
This blend of herbs is formulated to assist the older horse. These herbs are circulatory and elimination stimulants that gently support the body
Frankincense reduces pain associated where arthritis may be contributory
Willow Bark Shavings a gentle anti-inflammatory herb useful management of aches and pains
Celery Seeds assists with the elimination of acidic accumulations associated with arthritis
St Mary Thistle Seed supportive and protective of the liver
Rosemary assists an ageing circulatory system
Bilberry Leaf contains bioflavonoid to tone the internal workings of the body and improve circulation
Capsicum a herb high in flavonoids to assist the functioning of tissues throughout the body


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