…make them feel good

with our Retirement Blend

Whilst this blend of herbs was formulated to assist the older horse, the herbs within this blend are circulatory and elimination stimulants that gently support the body of just not the older horse but any hard working horse that may be feeling little aches and pain.

Now you may think throwing a bunch of herbs together that target pain is a great idea but all blends within our range have been formulated by equine natural therapist Catherine Bird, so quantities of each herb are adjusted to complement each other and to produce a quality blend to get the job done.

So what is in our blend?

Frankincense reduces inflammation by inhibiting one of the key enzymes in inflammatory processes; it also relieves pain via a sedative effect on the nervous system. When there is pain associated with arthritis the use of Frankincense has been shown to be effective.

Willow Bark Shavings is gentler on the gut when it comes to managing post inflammatory pain. It is useful for arthritic, musculoskeletal pain and urinary tract pain. While willow bark is a great pain herb it should be avoided with inflamed or ulcerated gastrointestinal tracts.

Celery seed the benefits are due to the high presence of antioxidants, beneficial enzymes, essential minerals and vitamins. Celery seed assists with the elimination of acidic accumulations associated with arthritis and may assist to reduce muscle spasms.

St Mary Thistle Seeds have a remarkable protective and restorative effect on the liver, that amazingly complex organ whose metabolic processes largely bear the burden of the body’s detoxification work.

Rosemary is a powerful natural antioxidant due to its good concentrations of many antioxidant compounds which, amongst other functions, strengthen capillaries and are anti-inflammatory. A super herb to assist an ageing circulatory system.

Bilberry Leaf contains bioflavonoid to tone the internal workings of the body, improves circulation and improves impaired peripheral blood flow. As capillary function is improved, healing of inflammation is possible.

Capsicum, a herb high in flavonoids to assist the functioning of tissues throughout the body. Rich in Vitamin C, as well as containing large amounts of potassium and Vitamin A, which may assist in stimulation of the circulatory system.

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