“As the cold winter months set in, herbs are an effective way to ensure horses are healthier and comfortable during the challenging weather. Adding herbs into the diet provides simple sustenance.”

Nutritional Support
Fresh forage availability can be reduced and dried herbs rich in essential vitamins and minerals can make up for nutritional shortages in winter feed. Nettle leaves are packed with iron and Vitamin C to support the immune system and the salty taste indicates the high mineral level and along with celery seed can encourage drinking to assist with fluid intake.

Improved Circulation & Warmth
Herbs with warming properties that can help maintain your horse’s body temperature and condition. Red capsicum aids in increasing blood flow and enhancing circulation, helping to keep your horse warm from the inside out. Turmeric and ginger support overall metabolic function, ensuring that the body generates and retains heat more effectively from within.

Enhanced Immune Function
During winter horses can be susceptible to illnesses due to the cold and damp conditions. Calendula petals and clivers will help the immune system by keeping the lymphatic system cleaner, which help protect cells from damage and support a healthy immune response. A robust immune system is essential for preventing infections and these two herbs are useful for the horse prone to greasy heel or rainscald.

Stiffness and Discomfort
Cold winds and drafty stables can aggravate stiffness in joints and muscles during winter. Nettle leaf and yarrow can help reduce stiffness and discomfort by increasing circulation to the legs and reduce inflammation; while ginger can warm muscles and joints to help remain supple and flexible.

Digestive Health
Winter digestive processes can become sluggish and herbs support digestive health by providing fibers that promote a healthy gut. Slippery elm and mullein’s demulcent properties assist to soothe and smooth digestive function and also support lungs during the colder months.

Natural and Holistic Care
Many horse owners prefer natural care and dried herbs are one way to offer your horse a gentle wholistic approach to support overall wellbeing in a simple and clean way.

“Feeding herbs during winter is a practical way to provide nutrients, stay warm, and maintain healthier wellbeing. If unsure of which herbs to select, our well-formulated herbal blend Country Park Winter Blend is suitable for assisting most horses thrive through the unique challenges of the winter season.”

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purpose only. Some herbs are unsuitable with certain conditions, pregnancy, medications, and competition. As this article does not replace medical treatment, seek advice from your veterinary practitioner before using herbs. Consult your governing sporting body when using herbal products to ensure you do not contravene regulations. Copyright: Country Park Herbs

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