The body is able to function because chemical reactions are continuously taking place throughout the system. The nature of these chemical reactions and the general health of the body is determined by the availability of both organic substances and inorganic compounds.

In 1821 Dr Schuessler studied the function of what he considered the body’s principal inorganic micronutrients and discovered that there are 12 mineral compounds necessary for optimal health. He called these compounds Tissue Salts and determined that they had a catalytic effect on the body’s biochemistry.

As part of his study Dr Schuessler identified and classified his patient’s symptoms and linked those symptoms with one or more of the 12 Tissue Salts. By re-establishing the biochemical balance, common complaints such as colds and flu, gastro-intestinal problems, skin disorders, slow healing wounds, eye and ear infections, to name just a few, can be dealt with effectively and safely.

Dr Schuessler also developed five principles for healing:

  • Disease does not occur if cell metabolism is normal
    Cell metabolism is in turn normal if cell nutrition is adequate
    Nutritional substances are either of an organic or inorganic nature where the body is concerned
    The ability of the body cells to assimilate and to excrete and further to utilise nutritional material is impaired if there is a deficiency in the inorganic mineral (tissue salt) constituent of cellular tissues
    Adequate cell nutrition may be restored and cellular metabolism normalised by supplying the required tissue salts to the organism in a finely divided assimilable form.
    Tissue Salts are a homeopathic preparation that provide vital microdoses of inorganic minerals to cells. The Tissue Salts are prepared by a process of trituration, a procedure that takes no less than twelve working days after which the formulation is moulded into soft and friable tablets, with a potency of 6x, which dissolve easily in the mouth to ensure quick assimilation.

This makes Tissue Salts easy to administer to horses and apparently there are some horses that actually enjoy the feeling of the tablets dissolving in their mouth!

When the correct tissue salt is being used, there should be a noticeable improvement in symptoms within the first few weeks of use however as always if you are unsure of just what the problem is you should consult your vet and a qualified natural practitioner (someone who understands homoeopathic practices).

For a quick outline here are the 12 Tissue Salts and their general use:

Tissue Salt Function
CALC.FLUOR. Elasticity Salt
Calcium Fluoride
CALC.PHOS. General Tonic
Calcium Phosphate Nutrition Salt
CALC.SULPH. Cell Healer
Calcium Sulphate Blood Purifier
FERR.PHOS. First Aid Salt
Phosphate of Iron Oxygen Carrier
KALI.MUR. Blood Conditioner
Potassium Chloride
KALI.PHOS. Nerve Nutrient
Potassium Phosphate
Potassium Sulphate
MAG.PHOS. Nerve Relaxant
Magnesium Phosphate Anti-spasmodic Salt
NAT.MUR. Fluid Balancer
Sodium Chloride Water Distributing Salt
NAT.PHOS. Acid Neutraliser
Sodium Phosphate
NAT.SULPH. Water Eliminator
Sodium Sulphate
SILICA Toxic Eliminator

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